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Website conditions
This website (, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Site’) is offered by SARL Campsite La Petite Valette, hereinafter referred to as ‘La Petite Valette.’ Please read the La Petite Valette website conditions carefully before visiting the Site.

Application of the La Petite Valette website conditions
By visiting the Site, you agree to be bound to the La Petite Valette website conditions, as well as all other applicable laws and regulations. The La Petite Valette website conditions can be modified at any time without any prior notice. The Site contains hyperlinks to third party websites outside the La Petite Valette domain. Websites outside the La Petite Valette domain may also contain hyperlinks to the Site. La Petite Valette neither affects nor controls hyperlinked websites and is in no way liable for their content and quality. Other conditions regarding liability, security, privacy, and intellectual property rights, among other things, may apply to hyperlinked websites.

Liability and security
La Petite Valette strives for optimal precision, but cannot fully ensure the availability, accuracy, and completeness of any information shown on the Site. La Petite Valette accepts no liability for damage caused by the absence or inaccuracy of information displayed on the Site.

La Petite Valette regularly examines the Site to prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other information that may affect the proper functioning of your and our computers and computer software. However, we cannot ensure that the Site is free of such information. We would like to point out that the responsibility for the safe downloading of information from the site rests with you.

It is not allowed to use the Site in a manner that could hinder other internet users or that could otherwise disrupt or obstruct the proper functioning of the Site.

In this privacy statement, we briefly explain how La Petite Valette handles your personal and business information.

Actively provided data
In several places on the Site, La Petite Valette asks you to provide personal information for a specifically defined purpose. All data that are actively provided to La Petite Valette will be handled and stored in a strictly confidential and careful manner. They will not be lent out, rented, sold, or be disclosed in any
other way. In principle, La Petite Valette only provides personal information to third parties if it is necessary for the delivery of services or products.

Passively provided data
When visiting a website, you imperceptibly provide the administrator of the site with information. For example, the IP address of your computer, the name and version of your operating system and web browser, and the address of the last web page you visited. Insofar as La Petite Valette uses passively provided data, it does so anonymously and with the sole purpose of optimizing the quality and accessibility of the Site as well as our services.

Other passively provided data
La Petite Valette reserves the right to use temporary and permanent cookies. Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on a user’s computer by a website. It is possible, among other things, to record a visitor’s preferences in a cookie, so that he or she will get to see optimized data when revisiting a certain web page. Most web browsers accept cookies by default. Please refer to the manual of your web browsers if you do not wish to accept cookies or if you would like to delete certain cookies from your hard drive.

La Petite Valette reserves the right to use or provide actively and passively provided information for internal marketing and sales purposes now and in the future.